Presenting Allkort

Presenting Allkort

Everything your business needs in one solution

Allkort offers technology for payment terminals at fuel stations and car washes. The system is compatible with payment terminals from a range of different suppliers and you can offer your customers various payment options – by cash, bank or credit card or using your own customer card.

Allkort is an efficient and easy-to-use system that provides you with continuous access to your sales results, statistics, and anything else you need to monitor and develop your business.

Our focus is on providing a system that is simple to operate, yet also offers our customers a competitive advantage.


Sell, retrive and deliver fuels, oils and lubricants

Allkort is designed to handle all types of bulk sales. The fact that all transactions go through Allkort the system uses the same customer information whether in bulk shipments or tank of customers. Credit limits can be adjusted to a certain part refers to the bulk supply and a certain portion to the tank of vehicles within the same company. You place orders, create load notes, retrieves the depot, deliver to the customer and report the quantity supplied directly in Allkort. Then it is very easy to bill the customer directly. Invoices can be printed, emailed or sent as electronic invoices. Allkort also has built-in functions to print multiple concurrent payment form if you choose to let a customer partial payment for several months.

The system is made up of modules, which can be adapted to suit a wide range of different application, and we can develop and adapt functions according to your requirements. Our team of highly skilled technicians always works closely with our customers.

Simple yet advanced

The Allkort system is easy to use, yet technically highly advanced. It is easy to navigate and provides all the information you need. A quick search is all that is required for you to view various aspects of your company’s sales performance.

All transactions are shown in real time and you can gain an extremely accurate impression of how your business is developing in different areas. This gives you a unique opportunity to adjust your market strategies to ensure optimum effectiveness.


Build one or more own stations

From Allkort you do the manage for one or more stations directly from the program. You will get information about the entire company if the regions and localities or on individual stations, as desired. Data are presented as readily available graphs. You can also adjust prices in real time, from the terminals and price indicators that are connected to Allkort.

Each user in the enterprise can choose which information to display on different occasions. A seller can make their selection, a technician another. Allkort is flexible, manageable and understandable.

Of course you can set different permission levels for use by the system. All changes are logged so that, if necessary, go back and see what steps have been done by whom and when.

Easy to invoice your customer using fleet card

Allkort has a time saving funktion, with automatic creation of elektronic invoice. Invoice can be sent by mail, post or electronic depending on your demand. Allkort can import a copy of the payment file, that will automatic every night update all paid invoice and clear limit so the customer can use his fleet card next morning after the invoice is payed.

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