CNS provides software development

CNS provides software development

We develop user-friendly solutions

We are an innovative IT company that develops solutions for managing card payments and everything relating to communication between payment terminals and card acquirers (banks, VISA, Mastercard). In addition to our two own products Allkort and Cardivation we also development projects in our area of ​​expertise. We started as Trumph Data in 1987 and has over the years worked closely with our customers to build effective and user-friendly systems. CNS is since June 2014 in the DCC.

DCC is an international group in sales, marketing, distribution and business support, organized in five divisions with revenue of about £ 11 billions pounds and employs over 10,000 people in 13 countries. Our staff has extensive knowledge in the development, security and operations. We build systems that facilitate the administrative work for companies that sell fuel. Our customers own and operate various types of automatic stations. For example, petrol stations, gas stations and car washes.

Some example of our current solutions

  • Gas stations

  • Car washes

  • Electronic receipts

  • Monitoring and alarm

  • Web pages my

  • Connect the bus terminals on vehicle

  • Diesel Station / Hauliers

  • Bulk sales